Why crypto revolution?

Fear the next bear market?

You want to invest in crypto buy you fear the next bear market? We believe that the future of crypto assets will be bright! Our mission is to make investing into crypto assets accessible to everyone. With CryptoRevolution’s early warning system, you can enjoy high returns of crypto assets while greatly reducing your exposure to bear markets.


Have you been losing money on day-trading? 

Successful day-trading is very difficult, stressful and 80% of traders lose. With the help of CryptoRevolution, you can invest early in bull markets and hold through them to greatly increase your odds of succeeding – without the stress and high fees.

How does it work?

Since 10+ years, we have been researching and developing predictive analytics solutions. For the Bull Market Compass, we curate high-quality crypto news and predictive data. While competitors use only technical analysis, CryptorRevolution ´ s custom-built AI continuously analyzes shifts in the overall market sentiment to anticipate market turning points.


Beat the market by far

With our weekly investment performance update we strive to be as transparent as posible

The figure shows – with a delay of 1 month – the exemplary performance of investing with the Bull Market compass using Bitcoin

When to buy or sell?

How does CryptoRevolution decide when to buy or sell? CryptoRevolution uses its own algorithms from 10+ years of university research. We believe crypto asset markets to be driven by investors’ emotions and sentiments. CryptoRevolution has developed a unique AI to sense market sentiment. We use machine learning and text mining algorithms in a big data infrastructure to automatically assess investors’ postings, opinions, and predictions in a systematic and objective way. Tipping of the market sentiment forms the basis for deciding whether to buy or sell. No emotions involved, pure analysis.


How control risk?

CryptoRevolution uses proprietary algorithms to automatically detect whether a trade’s odds are favorable – before and after opening a position. To open a position, the market first has to move in the expected direction. To detect when to better close a position, CryptoRevolution uses several patterns, e.g., it constantly checks the shape of the capital curve.


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